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Published Books

Musgrave, Richard A. and Malcolm Gillis. Fiscal Reform for Colombia. Cambridge, Mass.:  Harvard Law School, International Tax Program, 1971. (Spanish edition:  subsequently published in Spanish as Propuesta para Una Reforma Fiscal Para Colombia.  3 vols. Bogota, Colombia: Ediciones del Banco de Ia Republica, 1974.

Gillis, Malcolm and Charles E. McLure, Jr. The Colombian Tax Reform of 1974.  Washington:  World Bank, Latin American Division, June 1975. (Spanish edition published by Editorial Banco Popular, Bogota, Colombia, April 1977.

Gillis, Malcolm et al.  Taxation and Mining: Non-Fuel Minerals in Bolivia and Other Countries.  Cambridge, MA:  Ballinger Publishing Co., January 1978.

Gillis, Malcolm and Ralph E. Beals.  Tax and Investment Policies for Hard Minerals: Public and Multinational Enterprises in Indonesia.  Cambridge, MA:  Ballinger Publishing Co., 1980.

Gillis, Malcolm and Werner Baer, eds.  Export Diversification and the New Protectionism: The Experience of Latin America.  Urbana, IL:  National Bureau of Economic Research and University of Illinois Press, 1981.

Gillis, Malcolm, Dwight Perkins, Michael Roemer, and Donald E. Snodgrass, Economics of Development. New York:  W.W. Norton, Co., 1983. 2nd Edition, 1987, 3rd Edition, 1992, 4th Edition, 1996, 5th Edition, 2002.  Translated into Italian (1986), Chinese (1988), Indonesian (1989), French (1990).

Gillis, Malcolm and Robert Conrad.  Progress and Poverty in Developing Countries: Rent and Resource Taxation. Williams College Monograph Series. Williamstown, MA:  Williams College, 1985.

Repetto, Robert and Malcolm Gillis, eds.  Public Policy and the Misuse of Forest Resources.  Cambridge University Press, 1988.

Gillis, Malcolm, ed.  Tax Reform in Developing Countries.  Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 1989.

Gillis, Malcolm, Gerry Sicat and Carl Shoup, eds.  The Value-Added Tax in Developing Countries: Issues and Lessons.  Washington, DC:  The World Bank (1991).

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